” Dux Ship Recycling ” is one of the leading green ship & marine asset recycling companies in Turkey. Since the establishment back in 2012, Dux has been a major & reputable solution provider to responsible owners for their green ship recycling requirements. By combining the experience and knowledge ” Dux ” has successfully completed many high profile projects such as semi-sub drilling rigs (first units, Atwood Southern Cross and Atwood Hunter, arrived for recycling in Turkey was purchased by Dux Ship Recycling back in 2015 and 2016 respectively), panamax containers, cape size bulkers, decommissioned European Navy Vessels and various offshore units.

Our yard is certified for ISO 9000, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and ISO 30000 by the “Lloyd’s Register” and proud to be in the “EU Aprroved Ship Recycling Facilites List” under the European Ship Regulation No: 1257/2013 which came to force on 31th December 2018.

Operating with a team of dedicated and seasoned personnel with a proven history in merchant navy Dux assures both technical and operational accurate solutions in all stages of the projects while bringing together the guaranteed environmentally sound and commercially viable operations with on time scheduling.

As encapsulated in our motto, whether the the sale is ” as is” or “delivery” basis, when your asset becomes a liability please let us know, we do have an environmetally sound and commercially viable solution.